Friday, May 15, 2009

18 Months Already???

Griffin -

Time continues to pass by way too quickly. I can't believe you are already 18 months old... At the doctor this week, you weighed 24 pounds, 9 oz and were 31 3/4 inches long. You have definitely become a toddler and are no longer my little baby! Your independent streak has already begun to surface - you like to climb into your chair yourself, use your own spoon and fork to eat, climb the stairs without a try to put on your own socks and shoes, brush your own hair, and put lotion on.

You continue to be VERY active - you run everywhere you go; you get both feet off the ground when you jump; you climb on everything; you love to throw ball and have started trying to kick it. You love to jump and to dance. (and say the words when you do it.) You still fall some, but instead of hitting your head constantly like you used to, you now just skin up your knees! I think you get a new "battle wound" everyday! (last night after your bath, daddy said you looked like you'd been in world war 1 with all your scratches!)

You are sleeping from 7:30-6:30 most nights and nap for 1 1/2 - 2 hours each afternoon. Your latest infatuation is with belly buttons - you love to find yours and everyone else's. You even tried to pull up a girl's dress at the playground yesterday to find hers! And for some reason, you have started putting your feet in your mouth...You are relatively good at doing puzzles and you like to color and do play dough with Avery. I have to keep an eye on you though because you like to eat the crayons!

Your communication skills are slowly increasing. You sign please, eat, more, and milk. Your words are ball, mama, dada, dog, up, please, spoon, sit, eye, ear, nose, no, yes (pronounced "yeth"). We have entered the stage when you know what you want but can't necessarily say it so you get really frustrated. You do a lot of pointing and are attempting to say more.

You are really into doing or having whatever Sister is doing/has. You have starting eating gummy vitamins in the morning and want me to put them on top of your milk cup just like Avery does. You like to eat whatever she has...and play with whatever she has. You 2 are playing better everyday and you are catching on to her games. (she did get really sad this morning because you didn't know how to play hide and seek with her!)

You are my sweety pie and love bug, in addition to my wild man!

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