Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cousin Time

We have spent the last 2 days at Nina and Big Daddy's - hanging out with some of my siblings and their families. We have done lots of swimming, tennis playing, eating, hanging out, and the boys went bow fishing. The girls are beginning to play with each other and have their own little games. and Avery is really into playing "dress up" so she and aunt hailes did some of that! (avery announced tonight that aunt hailes was her best friend!) We really enjoyed our time and getting to see all the kiddos.
Avery, Griffin, and Greenlee
Avery and Aunt Hailes
Ring around the Rosies

Family Fun - McBrayer Style!

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  1. I hope Avery has fun playing dress up in my costumes that hang down to her ankles! =) I had a lot of fun seeing y'all and playing dress up with her. Love being an aunt!