Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fall Leaves

Avery has been talking for weeks now about "jumping in the leaves..." We're not sure where exactly she learned about this small pleasure in life, but she has had it on her mind none-the-less. This weekend we were all home and the ground was fairly dry, so Brent spent a few hours raking leaves and the kids had a blast. Griffin watched Avery a few times before he dove in but they both ended up loving it!

Griffin even tried to do a little raking himself...


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  2. :) Whose foot is in the top picture? Looks like the kids weren't the only ones to have fun jumping!

  3. That is the cuteset thing in the world! I love you!! I want to jump in the leaves feel the cool breeze search the scarecrow top to bottom! And you can call it Fall if thats what you please, but I say I like Autumn!!!! -Barney