Sunday, November 1, 2009


Avery's school had a little fall festival yesterday so after naps, we took the kids there. They got to "trunk or treat" in the parking lot and jump in the bouncehouse. Avery played shy and wouldn't say trick or treat but Griffin ran right up and dug in the buckets of candy! He acted like he knew exactly what he was picking even though he had never even seen most of the candy before!

Princess Snow White enjoying a sucker (one of many!)

Superman enjoying a cupcake

Griffin, Avery and Katelyn

After the festival at Avery's school, we met up with several other families to go trick-or-treating and have pizza at the Likes. We were quite the crew - several wagons, strollers, and kids on the loose! After the first few houses, the kids really got into it! At times, Griffin was more into the "pretty moon mama" that he kept spotting in the sky! And Avery asked when were going to find the eggs with candy in them - guess she has her holidays confused! We didn't really limit the candy consumption so both kids had their fill!
part of our motley crew

Avery and Katelyn


  1. Avery and Reese were both snow it. I wish we lived closer so the girls could have been together!

  2. that is so awesome! you are not slacking with bloging anymore! hehe

  3. Avery and Griffin looked like they were having an awesome time. They looked so cute in their costumes!!!

  4. i wish i could of been there to see them do yet, another halloween!