Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Break in the Winter Weather

We have had about 2 straight weeks of cold weather - the temperature not really getting out of the 30' over the past few days, we've enjoyed a little break from the winter weather. After running errands this morning, the kids and I went to a church playground near our house to burn off a little energy. We took a picnic lunch and then played until nap time. The kids have been a little stir crazy and bored and I've been running out of inside activities so this outing was enjoyed by all!

he's really concentrating here!

would you expect her to have anything other than a princess bucket?



  1. It's amazing how much they are looking alike now. I hadn't noticed until this picture!

  2. They are so cute! Love all of those pictures! I miss you all! When we go to N. Carolina we might stop by and say hi. We will probaly be in N. Carolina for a DUKE game! :)

  3. Merritt,
    Your children are so gorgeous. We all are enjoying the nice weather too! The girls are riding their motor scooters and I am playing with Benjamin, and our new puppy Maggie!