Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cookie Monsters

Brent doesn't have to work tomorrow so we are enjoying a long, relaxing weekend. After dinner tonight, I made chocolate chip cookies as a little treat to celebrate.

A little later this evening, I left Brent and Griffin playing in the den and Avery eating a cookie at the kitchen table...I was just running up stairs to get my pajamas on...when I returned downstairs, both kids were huddled on their knees in the corner of the kitchen. As I got closer, I realized that each of them had BOTH hand in the Tupperware of cookies and chocolate all over their faces! No telling how many cookies they devoured in those few minutes...

They were smiling ear to ear and very proud of themselves! We couldn't help but laugh and take a few pictures. Who was is that said, " Just let them be kids!" ?


  1. Busted! :)And nothing on the dress..wonderful!

  2. I'm with Cara. I was just checking out the dress. All clear. Good job Avery.