Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Our Princess

Avery and Mommy got to have a special outing on Monday while Daddy and Griffin had some "manly bonding!" We went with our friends, Mrs Kim and Katelyn to the movie theatre. We saw "The Princess and the Frog." I wouldn't necessarily recommend the movie - very scary and full of voodoo and magic - but Katelyn and Avery dressed up in their princess costumes and had a blast. They seemed to enjoy the movie and then went down to the front of the theatre to dance when the credits and music came on. And of course, Avery ate up the attention she got from everyone for being "such a pretty princess!"


  1. Cute Cute! I want to see that movie..just told Clay that last night :). I think we will be seeing the Chipmunks soon though.

  2. CUTE!!! sounds like a wonderful experience for all of you girls!

  3. wow. you let them wear that to a public outing? ok i would do it too! ready for that baby??