Saturday, January 30, 2010

Let it snow!!!

Avery has been asking when it was going to snow this winter and she finally got her wish! It started snowing not long before the kids went to bed last night...and they awoke this morning to about 6 inches of snow! We bundled up and played outside for a while this morning and then came in for some hot chocolate! Brent has had the fire burning all day so that has added to the "cozy snow day" atmosphere! I'm sure we'll be back out there this afternoon so I'll post more pics later...

avery's snow angel (not sure why its sideways)

daddy and sissy sledding on our cardboard boxes!

our neighbor Mr John brought over his real sled for us to borrow...his kids are grown and gone so he was glad to let us use it!

Griffy was trying to figure this stuff out!


  1. Brent looks like he is having even more fun than the kids! :)

  2. LOOOVE seeing your kids in the snow!!! and way to be resourceful with the boxes. in college, we used trash bags and wore them like t-shirts. very slippery, and quite dangerous on steep hills come to think of it. usually one of the guys would wear the bag and just let me sit on their laps or something. maybe you can talk brent into it?

  3. Thanks Mr. john for the sled!!! What a nice neighbor! It looks like lots of fun...we wouldn't know since we never see it!

  4. aw. fun. our snow is gone :) i got a small glimpse of your belly in that picture of you in the sled!