Sunday, January 31, 2010

More snow

We have enjoyed another snow day today...we actually have blue skies so it felt good to be outside. Our primary activity has been sledding. Avery would sled over and over and over again - we have to make her stop long enough for Griffin to get a turn! Griffin spent his morning collecting "ice" to put into his bucket. Unfortunately, the snow is not wet enough to stick together so we haven't been able to make a snowman - avery keeps asking if its "sticky enough now?"

watching some big boys sled down the sidewalk

Griffin's "ice"

dual sledding

enjoying some hot chocolate!


  1. That's funny! Cassidy seem to be enjoying watching the big kids sledding too!

  2. so fun!!! it's great that you and brent are so wonderful to participate in the snow with your kids. my most, all-time, hands-down favorite memory from my childhood is playing in the snow with both of my parents. You guys are great!

  3. perfect day with the perfect kids. i wish i had days like that.