Friday, March 19, 2010

Avery in Action

Here are a few pictures from Avery's school class website. Her teachers write a daily note that tells what they talked about, what books they read, what songs they sang, and what projects they worked on. It has been great because it allows me to ask Avery about what she learned/did and I can jog her memory when she can't remember!

This month they have been talking about birds. Here they are in circle time passing around a real bird nest for everyone to feel.

reading herself some books

making a bird feeder out of a coke bottle

yes, she stays dressed up - even at school!

practicing making the letters of her name out of playdough

my little artist!


  1. We need some "sit-upons" at home. . . maybe it will work there too.

  2. she is so perfect, espically cause her name is brooke! haha. im glad she is stepping up and learning that much :) what is the class website for avery and griffin?

  3. Love the pictures! Having lots of fun in school! That's what it is all about! Brent, don't think you would get the same effect from "sit upons" at home.