Saturday, March 20, 2010

Kudos to Daddy

I worked of my last 2 days of work before I stop for Graham's arrival! So exciting...Meanwhile, Avery had dance pictures yesterday. And that left Daddy to take her! Brent is a good sport and has gotten to where he's okay doing almost anything with Avery and Griffin. (and I'm so very thankful!)

This is Lauren - she babysits for us when I work. And she too is wonderful. She is great about entertaining the kids, doing projects with them, getting them outside, and leaving a clean house! And she is always willing to do whatever extra thing is needed - so yesterday she fixed Avery's hair in a beautiful bun and put some makeup on her for before her pictures.

Here is our little tap dancer - all "dolled" up and looking precious! Good job Daddy! (he can put on tights, leotards, ribbons, and dance shoes!)

Avery and Katelyn
Avery's Dance Class
Daddy even does costume changes!


  1. Merritt forgot to say that Christa and Kim made sure everything went off without a hitch when we arrived. Thanks guys! I was the only Daddy there in a room full of Moms and naked little girls. Weird.

  2. I am very impressed Brent! Tell Avery she is a beautiful little dancer!

  3. What a precious little tap dancer and ballet dancer! Impressed with you Brent!!!

  4. cute outfits! good luck with the pregnancy!