Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Weekend in Jasper

Last Tuesday when Brent got home from work, we packed up the kids and headed to Jasper. This was the last of our "travels" until after Graham is born. We had the place to ourselves for about 48 hours - and it was wonderful! The kids were so excited to be in a new place and play with toys they hadn't seen since we were there for Christmas. They did a great job entertaining themselves so Brent and I could actually relax! We enjoyed coffee by the fire in the morning and read/napped by the fire in the afternoons....

Nina and Big Daddy joined us Thursday afternoon. They kids were thrilled to see them and have playmates. Nina did more coloring and car racing than she has done in a lot of years!!! And Big Daddy had a little helper to assist on all of his projects. Brent and I enjoyed playing lots of cards and having some adult conversation!

enjoying some new bubbles

griffin finally has this bubble thing figured out!

we made cookies one night - and this is always the kids favorite part!


  1. sounds like fun! little griffy has my FAVorite smile in the world!

  2. griff has the awesomest smile ever! happy someone finally got the place to themselves!!

  3. it's so nice that brent can be bid daddy's little helper

  4. this "little helper" had to make the suicide gas run along with other assorted tasks. thanks to pis and G for leaving the gas tanks empty!