Saturday, March 6, 2010

Home Depot Adventures

Quick Saturday update. Daddy, Avery and Griffin are alive. Fingers, toes, and the poor kids sitting behind us in Home Depot, all fine. Pet Smart will never be the same. Dogs across Durham will run when they see orange.
Avery and Griffin made Home Depot rain gauges. Glueing, hammering, sanding, screw driving are all improving with practice.
Here is Griffin's collection of pins, two Nascar display case pins and now a rain gauge pin. Mark your calendar's, April 2nd is Butterfly cage day. No telling what that will look like, but we will be there.


  1. We were at Home Depot today and the boys had to follow suit, making rain gauges too! How fun. We've got to remember to do this at the start of each month!

  2. They will remember this forever!! Glad both survived without incident. Love their finished product.

  3. im happy they survived. my 1st experinece with a hammer was not good. right away i hit my finger really bad and it bled....... a lot. it was a good experience for them and im happy you did it!