Sunday, March 21, 2010

Our Weekend

We had a great weekend and really enjoyed this great spring weather! It was in the mid 70's both Saturday and Sunday so we took advantage of it. Brent and I worked in the yard - cleaning out flower beds, raking leaves, organizing outdoor toys, etc. The kids just enjoyed being outside.

Avery found a new love - earthworms! She knows just where to go to dig them up. I think she added about 10 to each of her flower pots! Brent also gave her a lesson in planting seeds - she's always talking about planting beans (as in dried black or pinto beans) so she loved this idea. They planted several different types of zinnia's and shasta daisies. Now we are praying that at least some of them grow so that she gets the full experience!

working on her "pots"

Saturday evening we had our good friends the Likes over for a spring cookout - we had burgers, homemade fries, baked beans, and strawberry shortcake - what a perfect way to welcome the warmer weather!

the kiddos enjoying their food

Griffin suddenly learned how to slug the ball this weekend. And it looks as if he'll be a left handed batter...

We are looking forward to many more weekends like this one!


  1. We had the beautiful day Saturday but Sunday and today are cold. Looking forward to tomorrow! 70's The rain should be coming there to water your new flower seeds and a little cold too. What a fun weekend you had. Lots of new adventures!

  2. we are loving this warm weather! just went swimming for the first time today!!!