Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fun in Mobile

We made the long trek down to Mobile last week. Because we live so far away, we only make the 12 hour trip about once a year. But we hope that a year from now, we will be much closer and can visit more frequently!

Gammy stocked up on kiddie stuff and foods and had pulled out all of her toys for our visit. The kids loved all the "new" stuff to play with and enjoyed the 24/7 attention from their Gammy. Avery even got to sleep with Gammy every night!

Gammy set up a baby pool in the backyard and the kids turned it into a major mud pit and were covered from head to toe by the end of it. Add a little sugar and dye from popsicles, and you have kiddie heaven!

We also celebrated Avery's birthday while in Mobile. The kids and Gammy made rice krispy treats and we used that as her birthday cake.
blowing out her candles

present time!

Avery is such a girly girl! She was so thrilled about new clothes and shoes and a Cinderella toothbrush! Not to mention the purple glitter nail polish and hello kitty chap stick that she talked Gammy into!


  1. So cute! Looks like y'all had a great trip. Miss y'all!!!

  2. We did have a good time! I enjoyed every minute!