Monday, June 21, 2010

Griffin Patrick

This is a late post for Griffin at 2 1/2 years old. For some strange reason, I'm a little behind!!!

Griffin is now officially 2 years and 7 months old. He weighs a little over 30 pounds but I'm not sure of his height. And he has monstrous fat feet - size 9 wide.

He remains 100% boy and has a reputation for it. No one is surprised by his shenanigans anymore!! They just smile and say, "That's Griffy!" He continues to run, jump, and climb constantly. He loves to be outside - kicking the soccer ball, digging in the sand, watering the flowers, and hitting the baseball (left handed, I might add). Sidewalk chalk and bubbles are also frequent activities. He loves bugs and I am positive that he will eventually get bit or stung by something because he picks up any bug he can catch. Griffin loves to help with projects - whether using the tools to help daddy fix something or helping mommy unload the dishwasher. He loves being given little assignments and is a big helper.

Avery and Griffin have continued their love-hate relationship. They can play for a solid hour without fighting...and then be at each others throats for the next hour. He has already mastered the art of picking on his sister - he loves to take something she is playing with and run away with it (laughing the whole way!). He wrecks her games and destroys whatever she is working on. On the flip side, he is a great sport and plays mommy-baby and princesses on a daily basis. Avery and Griffin love to pack their stuff to "go on trips" or on picnics or anywhere else they can come up with.

Griffin is still a horrible "real-food" eater. He loves kid foods and snacks and fruit...but won't touch his food at dinner each night. A recent accomplishment in the food department is that he finally likes peanut butter!! Griffin definitely inherited my sweet tooth. The boy loves anything and everything sweet and devours it in seconds.

Griffin has a slightly shy side - just a little slow to warm up to a new place but after a few minutes he is ready to roll. He loves people and shares hugs and kisses with all of his friends, teachers, and other adults in his life. He has a soft side and still likes to sit and cuddle with mommy at times. He has great manners and is quick to offer a please and thanks you. We are working on sir and mam - but he tends to get his genders backwards (he/she, his/hers, sir/mam, etc). He loves the church nursery and loved his PMO class this past year.

Griffin can sing his ABC's most of the way through with only minimally confusing some letters. He can count pretty well and even tries to go through the "teens" since he has heard Avery do it so many times. He also attempts to sing the days of the week - and its hysterical - he just shouts days of the week in no particular order. He is very good at colors and still loves puzzles. I am about to attempt potty-training so lets hope that goes well!

the best part of making cookies!

I included this picture partially because I wanted to show off his legs! The picture doesn't do them justice but they are black and blue and scraped from the ankles up...once shorts weather arrived, so did the beat up legs. What a boy!



  1. He's perfect! I love how God makes each child so unique and to quote a wise lady, Mary Poppins, "perfect in every way." I am having to keep reminding myself of that as Nora throws a min. of 4 lying on the floor fits a day now. It's LOADS of fun!

  2. aw, these are my favorite posts of yours, Merritt. I LOOOOOVE your kiddos and enjoy so much sitting here just thinking of them and loving them and smiling. Thanks for sharing them with all of us with such commitment through your blog!

  3. thanks honey for writing this. i will just add a few of my favorite things about him.

    along with his love of bugs, he is an outdoors enthusiast. he constantly searches for birds, squirrels, bunnies, lizards etc. and enjoys just sitting at windows looking at/for them. during these times, he loves to have someone join him in looking at these small wonders. his temperament changes, he really slows down and just enjoys this time. of course, soon after he rejoins his usual antics.

    he is usually the one that reminds us to pray at meals, even though he generally declines to participate when it is not his idea.

    griffin will never be accused of doing things half-heartedly. his passion for life reminds me of a great quote from a classic movie, he "sucks the marrow out of life." even at two years old! he also sucks the icing off of anything he can get his hands on.

    i love that kid.

  4. That is a great. His older cousin by 6 months is still only 27 lbs and in a size 6 shoe! He will hold his own on the playground I am sure.