Saturday, June 12, 2010

Princess Tea Party

Today we celebrated Avery's birthday with a Princess Tea Party. Everyone came wearing their favorite princess costume. Since we had all girls (other than Griffy), we did some arts and crafts. We decorated tiaras and made bead and charm necklaces. (thanks to oriental trading post!) We had 4 girls from school and 3 from our playgroup. All the girls seemed to enjoy themselves!

avery making her necklace

katelyn, avery, and kaylee

our babysitter and one of Avery's favorite people, Lauren came - dressed in costume and everything!

After crafts, we came inside for the tea party. We had PBJ shaped like flowers, fruit salad, and cheese sticks. Daddy and Dr Daniel served our "tea" (AKA fruit punch and apple juice) in glass pitchers!

mary grace, avery and katelyn enjoying lunch

griffin and kinleigh

Griffin was a sport! He made a tiara and a necklace and enjoyed tea with the girls!!

itching to open presents

daddy orchestrated present opening....lots of princess stuff! (books, jewelry, costumes, etc)

here are the manly men who attended our princess tea party!


  1. Oh what fun the girls had!! (and Griffin) The girls all looked too cute!! I know Avery missed having Princess Carter there too!

  2. So cute! We will be having a princess party in a few weeks! I bought those tiara's too! :) Happy Birthday to Avery!

  3. Love all of the little Princess's! I can tell little Miss Priss had a fun time :).

  4. happy birthday you princess! it has been an honor to watch you grow over the past 4 years! you are a great kid! you are full of fun, kindness, and laughter. i love you, avery.