Monday, July 19, 2010

3 months old, already?

Graham turns 3 months old today. Wow. It doesn't seem possible!
He is a very content and laid back baby thus far. Rarely has a major crying fit. He peeps a little when he's ready for a nap, but other than that, he's mainly smiles. He smiles and laughs a lot. Maybe we just offer him good material to smile about!

He seems to be getting the hang of sleeping just this week. Saturday night, he ate at 9 and then slept until 4:45; sunday night he ate at 9 and then slept until 5:15; and last night he ate at 9 and not again until 7 this morning (he woke up once but a pacy was all he needed).Praise the Lord!

He loves his play mat and smiles at the star as soon as it starts singing. We've also started using the bumbo seat - and unlike the other 2 - he loves it! He has always preferred to be upright so it works great for him. It also allows him to watch the other kids whom he finds very entertaining.

Happy 3 months old little man!


  1. It is hard to appreciate how much he smiles in the bumbo from those pictures, but he really does love it. He also holds his up straight every now and then, proving that he does have a neck!

  2. Can't believe how much Graham loves to sit up!