Friday, July 9, 2010

"Shishing" TIme!

Instead of saying Fishing, the G-man says "SHishing." Last night we went back and forth - me accentuating the F sound, and him repeating after me with the SH sound. He can't quite get it yet and it sounds so cute that I'm not really sure I want him too! (goldshish, shishing pole, going shishing, etc...)

All that to say, we did some fishing in Jasper this weekend. We had just bought Griffin his first fishing pole a few weeks ago so he'd been eager to use it. And Avery got to use Addie's pole some and then Big Daddy made her an old school "pole" with just string and a hook.

looks like she's really concentrating!

very proud of her fish!

Uncle P and Addie; Daddy and Griffy

paying close attention
Griffin's fish!


  1. Great pictures and post honey, especially the big picture of the dock, but I must clarify. Avery caught her first fish last summer, no photos available. Griffy and Avery caught 5 fish Thursday, once again, no picture available. So these are the first documented pics available! Thanks so much for keeping this journal of their lives!

  2. Love all the pictures!! Gotta have that first picture of a fish! No one will ever know that it is not her 1st.