Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July Fourth

We spent a long July 4th weekend at the cabin and enjoyed every minute of it! Mom/Mike, Peyton/Ann, and Haley/Joel joined us for part of the time as well. The guys played golf twice and made it to 2 Braves games while we were there. Brent ate it up!!

We did lots of swimming in the lake, riding four wheelers, playing on the playground, and just enjoying the outdoors. It was crazy to have 75 degree weather in Georgia during July! Avery and Addison are at such a fun age - they now play their own games and can pretend together. They even got to share a room together this time!

The kids had their first experience picking blackberries. We ended up with a ton of them and then made a cobbler.

Other than a few extra night awakenings, Graham enjoyed his visit as well!

they were patiently waiting for a ride on the tractor with big daddy (here is a LOVE moment in their love-hate relationship!)

wide eyed and smiley

the kids had what I think was their first homemade ice cream. griffin and addison helped big daddy keep the machine full of ice. and they were thrilled when he opened the lid to see there was ice cream. however, griffin did not like the "chunks" of peaches in it so he only ate a few bites!

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  1. So cute! I love that picture of Graham. What a smiley little fellow!