Thursday, July 15, 2010

Let the Games Begin!

This week, Brent and I took a step toward the next phase of our life... he had his first interview for a REAL job!!! Wowzers! Exciting and scary all at once. Our desire is to find a job somewhere in the southeast, within driving distance of home...we are scouring that area and are waiting for God to reveal our next destination to us.

This is the Hotel Roanoke, the old, historic, fancy hotel that we stayed in. We enjoyed an expense free weekend - valet parking, room service, great food, etc. I even got to lay out by the pool for a few hours! (now when was the last time I got to do that???) Brent's mom came in town and stayed with Avery and we only had Graham to tend to...and he's way easy!!

We spent Tuesday-Thursday in Roanoke, Virginia interviewing at the Carilion Clinic. This is a large not for profit hospital system which would allow Brent to have a mixture of a community based practice and academics (working with residents, students, and doing some research). He was really impressed with the department itself and enjoyed getting a glimpse into their world.

Here he is getting ready to go to the interview...all dressed up and looking snazzy!
While he interviewed, I was taken on a tour of the city by 2 real estate agents who consider themselves "transition consultants." We toured the downtown, looking at museums, landmarks, restaurants, an open-air city market, the hospital area, etc. We drove up to the Mill Mountain Star, a spot off of the Blueridge Parkway that overlooks the city of Roanoke. The above picture is taken from up there (but not by me!). Next, we drove through multiple residential areas so that I could get a glimpse of some of the areas we would possibly live in.

Here is a picture that Brent took from the heli-pad on top of the hospital.
Please pray for us over the next few months as we work to make contacts, schedule interviews, and search for the perfect job in the perfect location. I am confident that God will lead us to the place He has in store - but pray for patience, wisdom, and guidance as we wait for Him to lead us there. We'll keep you updated along the way!


  1. You are in our's hard not to be selfish and want you guys here..I know God has a plan and you guys will choose the right one!

  2. exciting stuff! you guys are in our prayers!

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  4. Love the first pic! Praying for God's leading in the next step and hopeful that it lands you close. So glad we got to catch up the other day!