Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pool Time

We are enjoying a low-key weekend. Brent doesn't have to go in to work or to round on patients this weekend and we didn't have any "real" plans, so we've just been enjoying some down time. We took the kids to the pool this morning (thanks zerden's for lending us your pool pass!). It was really overcast and even sprinkled on us a time or two but we enjoyed it none-the-less!

Avery learned a lot in swim lessons this summer but I just haven't been able to get the kids to the pool for her to practice as much as I'd like this summer. It is soooo much work to get everyone greased and suited up...and then I feel like a pack mule with floats, towels, dry clothes, lunch, I was glad we could all go while Brent was free!

here is avery - already holding her breath - and about to launch herself into the water!

and here she is arriving at her goal - daddy!

this is griffin's favorite "trick" in the pool!

and of course mr graham was chillin' poolside!

lets be honest. one of the major goals of taking the kids to the pool is to wear them out! brent had the kids racing back and forth across the pool for about 10 minutes! great exercise and great energy burner!


  1. That Graham is the cutest little guy. I am such a proud aunt. And Avery has inspired me to get Patrick into the pool again for some lessons. It was such a logistical nightmare in the winter to get him there (we missed 2 of the 8 lessons because I forgot and one was cancelled on account of a pool evac for poop at large: no not my kid thank goodness) that I've been shying away from it ever since but it's definitely time to get him in again, so maybe this fall.