Saturday, August 21, 2010

ATL - Day 4

On Friday morning, Lauren, Lindsay, and I took our kids to a place called Southern Prep. I think its a place that has competition cheer squads and dance teams...but during the day, they have "open play" times. Lots of climbing, trampolines, gymnastics equipment, and a foam pit. The kids had a ball - and it was a perfect spot because they could go from thing to thing and run wild - all while being contained!

Lauren, Lindsay, and I have been friends literally since birth. We were in playgroups together and then onto preschool together...and eventually off to Samford together. It was really fun to get to spend some time with them...and to spend time with their precious children. It is really fun for us to see our kids play together!

avery& griffin, bryson (lindsay's), reese & hadley (lauren's)

this was avery's favorite activity!

the babies!

practicing her balance

and his balance!


  1. Oh I wish we had a place like that here!!

  2. Wow, a big padded room. Griffy must've been in heaven!