Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Trip to ATL - Day 1

The kids and I headed to ATL Monday to spend the week with my parents. We made the 6 hour trip in about 7 1/2 hours, thanks to mr graham...I ended up stopping 4 times for him! The older kids were wonderful though.

Tuesday we met up with one of my friends of old - Kelly Turner Cavin. She currently lives in Birmingham and just had her 3rd child. We got to do a little catching up while watching all our kids play outside. We had lunch and then headed home for naps...

griffin, hot and sweaty in the sand

enjoying lunch - seth, dakota, avery, griffin

Nina arrived home just as the kids were waking up from naps so we headed out to the pool. Avery swam across the pool by herself multiple times and was so excited. She swam better than she ever has. Griffin enjoyed dumping water over Big Daddy's head and splashing him in the face! And Nina held Graham as he had his first "swimming" experience.

cooling off with some popsicles

loving kicking in the water

After dinner we played outside - the kids drove the little tractor and played on the trampoline. I think they are officially pooped! I really enjoyed having some different activities to entertain them with - its a good break from our "normals."

john deere


  1. Fun..your turn to enjoy help from Mom! :) I do think Graham looks a lot like his Mommy. I am so anxious to meet him.

  2. Glad you guys have had such a good time, but I am ready to see you guys again!