Saturday, October 30, 2010

Epworth Trunk or Treat

The church where the kids go to school had their fall festival / trunk or treat this afternoon. Brent was out of town so I surprised the kids and took them when they woke up from naps. (I hadn't mentioned it to them earlier in case I was too worn out to take them or in case they napped really long...) Avery was really excited because she remembers Halloween from last year but Griffin didn't get excited until the word CANDY was mentioned!!! He definitely inherited my sweet tooth!

spiderman and cinderella

in griffin's words, "this is Bwyce - he's my best fwiend."

Griffin loved his costume. He pointed to the puffy part and told me "here's my bones!" I told them they aren't bones, they are his he flexed for everyone he saw!

here are some of our friends that we met there...
Katie, Avery, Kaylee, G, Bryce

It was very much like an old-school fall festival - bean bag toss, cake walk, bounce house, "fishing game," face painting, etc. The kids enjoyed their time and I was thrilled to have them occupied all afternoon!


  1. bring back memories of Fall Family Fun Night?

  2. that looks like great fun for the whole fam! glad they had a good time!