Monday, October 25, 2010

Mountains 2010

This weekend was the 47th annual McBrayer Family mountain trip. Can't believe we've been doing this for so long. I have only "missed" once in my 32 years! Now that's tradition! Each of us have so many memories of Nantahala Village and the times spent there with family. Its impossible not to reminisce or get a little nostalgic every year when we're there. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family and am thrilled that now my kids and husband get to experience it too.

These guys were great little play mates. (Addie, Avery, Griffin). Here we are in Cherokee enjoying a treat from the fudge/candy shop. Cherokee is full of treasures (AKA - JUNK!) - but the kids loved picking out a treat. Avery got a necklace and some really cheap plastic musical instruments and Griffin picked some magnetic rocks. I had a whole collection of Indian dolls and precious moments dolls that I bought in Cherokee as a little girl, as well as rings, jewelry, and taffy!

my littlest Indian boy

Growing up, there was a fire tower here that we used to climb up and hang out on. I remember having picnics and playing cards up here as a little girl. Several years ago, they tore the tower down and built a playground near it. Great spot to play with amazing views.

Nina and Graham

Griffin was in absolute Heaven because we spent so much time outside. He collected pocketfuls of rocks, acorns, and berries. And he perfected his tricycle riding abilities! He loved getting dirty and just being a boy.

Love this shot of Miss Avery Brooke. What a sweet girl!

Every year we have a group that goes on a horseback ride through the mountains. I always rode when I was little but then took a few years off! I did go on the ride on Brent's first trip to the Nantahala - just to make sure he got the full experience! But until this year, I hadn't gone again - Brent normally takes Avery. But Griffin is finally old enough and able to sit long enough so both mommy and daddy went horseback riding this year. The kids really loved it.

Uncle Hoot and Griffin got to be big buds - always "putting their dukes up", rough housing and chasing each other. Here is a shot of Uncle Hoot entertaining Graham too. He had Graham laughing!

Here are Nina and Big Daddy and 6 out of 10 grandchildren! (Nina holding Saeran (peytons), Big Daddy holding Graham and Kale (prestons) , Addison (peytons) in the flower shirt, and you know A and G!)

Ruby mining pictures to come...


  1. oh wow. what a special post. i can't believe i've had 7 autumns as a mcbrayer and only one at the mountains. sheesh. what a wonderful tradition! and the babies are SOOOO beautiful!!!

  2. I love this. So sorry we missed it. I'm gonna have to make some pumpkin cookies this week. Thanks to Hailed for coming through!!!