Friday, October 1, 2010

Superhero Parade

Apparently, Avery's class spent this last week talking about superheroes...and they have been making a lot of superhero "gear." During the last 30 minutes of school today, they paraded around the school in their self-made costumes. Each child made a hat, mask, arm bands, cape, and a sign that told their "superhero" name. And they were each carrying a little musical instrument with them. It was hysterical to see the names they had come up with, some being more creative than others (rainbow bow sara bess girl...cartwheel kalyee...superhero annie)! They looked adorable and had an incredible time!

Bryce and Griffin, waiting on the parade to start

Here comes the parade! (avery, kaylee, maddox, emma)

Meet Superhero Awesome Avery!

After the parade, the kids played with bubbles and sidewalk chalk until school was over.

Griffin got to join the fun!


  1. So cute! I seriously think they both look bigger every time I see a new picture :).

  2. So adorable! GOSH!!! They are so biggggg (: