Monday, October 4, 2010

The Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday afternoon we went to Ganyard Hills Farms ( with the medical alliance (our playgroup friends). This was our first trip out there and it was well worth it. We played hard for 2 hours and could have stayed much longer! We had beautiful, cool fall weather so it was perfect for pumpkin pickin'!

There were a lot of activities for the kids. Avery's favorite was this huge "corn box" - I guess its the equivalent of a sandbox for farm kids! She filled her shirt, her socks, buried herself in it...loved every minute of it!!

mommy and her big kids!
avery and katelyn burying themselves in corn!
We also went on a hayride around the farm and saw the corn fields, cotton fields, and the pumpkin patch.

love this pic of griffin - he is always such the observer.

Here is a "cow"that the kids got to milk! It was filled with water so it seemed pretty life-like for the kids. They were pretty baffled when I told them that is where their milk comes from!
big G milkin' the cow

griffin was actually very concerned that he couldn't get out of this maze...never mind the fact that I was 5 feet away and that he could have crawled over the side!

my littlest man!

Both of the kids loved these big slides...really they were just huge, plastic drainage pipes held up by bales of hay! It was a bumpy ride down...
avery's turn!

griffin's turn!

This was Griffin's favorite thing. Not sure what its even called - but you put in an ear of corn and crank it and all the kernels come off....



  1. your family is definetly the cutest fam i have ever seen. love what you have done with the blog.

  2. next year you'll have to road-trip the kids to the corn palace.

  3. you always do such a great job of giving your kids fun experiences outdoors. they are so cute. i especially love the new pictures of graham - he is growing like crazy! and i can't believe how much griffy is looking like a little boy. thanks for always doing an amazing job of updating your blog. i LOOVE to see your beautiful faces!