Monday, October 18, 2010

Green Acres Farm

Avery's preschool class had a field trip today - we went to Green Acres Farm in Cary.
The kids enjoyed seeing some cows and hearing the real "moo" sound. We took a bumpy hayride around some fields.

Kaylee, Avery, Maddox

checkin' out the cows

Then we spent about 30 minutes wandering through a massive corn maze - good thing Ms. Jenn knew which way was out! The kids payed more attention to collecting ears of corn than to the maze itself! After the corn maze, we had a yummy snack and then some play time. There was a big sandbox, 2 inflatable jump houses, a swing set, a "milkable cow," a huge tower of hay bales to climb on, and lots of tractors to play on.

exploring the tractor

my little trooper - oh so tire!mommy and sissy

This is Garrison - Avery's first "boyfriend!" In her words, he is her boyfriend "because I sit by him at lunch and we play together a lot!"


  1. i love when you do that to your hair!

  2. How cute and how much fun! They are really getting some experience on a farm and learning what it is all about! Wonderful experiences!!
    Cute boyfriend Avery!!