Saturday, June 11, 2011

Festivities for Brent

Our lives lately have been filled with cleanings, showings, inspections, loads of paperwork, planning, etc. Its been exhausting. And we are cramming our schedules full in effort to do and see all we want to before moving.

We took a little break from the chaos of life on Friday night. We left the kids with a sitter and enjoyed a night out with the Urogyn Division that Brent works with. It was a celebration in honor of him and all the work he has done over the last 3 years. He chose the menu - BBQ, mac/cheese, collard greens, cobbler, and banana pudding!

We enjoyed dinner and adult conversation and they everyone present Brent with a gift and said a few words about his time at UNC.

The fellows - Barbara, Brent, and Andrea

Barb and Andrea made a poster (that looks like the ones they make for presenting their research projects) entitled: The Making of a Master Urogynecologist. It was very well done and extremely creative!

One of Brent's bosses gave him a poster of Justin Bieber!

Here is the long awaited and much sought after chair. (these chairs are awarded in academics; brent got one from residency with the greenville memorial logo and this was has a UNC logo and is engraved with his name.)

enjoying his new chair

I must throw in here that one of his attending gave me a bouquet of flowers and another one gave me a cookbook written by an owner of a local restaurant/market call Fosters. Can't wait to use it!

More celebrating to follow...


  1. Y'all deserve it!!! Let me know if you figure out what to do with all of those chairs. Only one fits in his office at work and they just don't fit as family room furniture like they used to :)

  2. Fun!! So happy for ya'll. The FINAL Graduation is upon you.

  3. Beautiful chair! Happy Graduation