Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Maybe our new house???

Brent went down to Augusta a few weeks ago to house shop and sort through all the listings we had been sent. He narrowed it down to 6 or 7 houses that he thought I'd like to see. So we drove over from Atlanta on Sunday to look at those houses and a few that had been listed since his visit. Our realtor called last week and told us that she had found our house...and it turns out, that we think she did!! We looked at the house on Sunday, made an offer, and are planning on closing June 27 if all goes smoothly!

The house is absolutely beautiful, is in one of the 2 neighborhoods we were looking in, has been 99% updated in the last 5 years (everything - including door knobs!), and has a great back yard! It looks perfect for this Parnell family!

Here is a link to some additional pictures -


  1. Merritt! It is beautiful! It looks a bit too small though don't ya think? Ha!! Enjoy!

  2. Merritt- It is perfect!!! I can already see you cooking in that kitchen while the kids enjoy their own playground. I am sooo happy for y'all and will say prayers closing goes as planned. Can't wait to visit :)

  3. Merritt!!!! It is perfect for you! i love it. i'm so happy that you're moving to GA. Maybe we can see those kidos more? [: