Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day Fun

(Aeneas, Griffin, Addison, Patrick, Avery)

We had a great long weekend in Atlanta over Memorial Day Weekend. Mom and Mike were keeping Justin/Anna's kids and Peyton/Ann joined us as well. The kids had so much fun getting to spend time with their cousins.

(saeran and merritt, enjoying our popsicles)

We did a lot of swimming and just hanging out outdoors. The guys made it to a Braves game. And Brent and I made it to Augusta to house shop. One of my life-long friends Lindsay brought her family over to swim one afternoon- so I was able to meet her beautiful baby girl! It was a busy weekend but worth it!!

(graham wasn't fond of the water unless he was held close to your body - no sitting in a float or playing "games" with him)

Saeran and Graham

Avery did an excellent job swimming and surprised us with her progress! By the end of the weekend, she could swim laps across the pool and was diving off the stairs and picking toys up off the bottom of the pool.

Griffin and Aeneas being pirates on their ship

Daddy and Avery riding scooters

this is a really common site to see whenever we are outside...hoping he never tries this on the school playground!

Griff was helping Big Daddy make some homemade peach ice cream...FIST BUMP, BLOW IT UP!


  1. The picture of Griffy is hilarious! :) We see that site at our house as well but I haven't dared to post the picture. Love it.