Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Kids' First "Sleepovers"

When thinking about our move next week, the "things" I am most sad about leaving are the people that we have shared life with over the last 3 years. I am confident that God strategically put certain people in our path to teach us, rejoice with us, challenge us, and enjoy life with us.

One of those families are the Fitzsimmons. We met them because Avery and Kaylee started 3 year old preschool together. Keri and I noticed that we had boys that were the same age so we planned a few play dates for the boys while the girls were in school. Little did we know that a year later we would have another set of boys who would be playmates!

Keri and I have spent hours upon hours at parks and playgrounds with all of our kids. We've cooked out at each others houses when our husband were free. We went through pregnancy together with Graham and Shane, the babies being born only about 5-6 weeks apart. Our children are the best of friends. Our families just seem to "fit together" perfectly! We will definitely miss our dear friends!

Brent and Leo

graham squealed when he saw the big kids with juice boxes so he has now officially had his first juice box!

the littlest playmates

We had a cookout at our house Sunday night and then traded kids for the night! Avery went home with Kaylee and Bryce stayed here with Griffin. This was the first sleepover for all of the kids (with anyone other than grandparents). Haven't yet heard how the girls did....but the boys played wonderfully last night and this morning. Sleeping was a different story - we put them in bed around 8:30 and they didn't crash until about 10:15!! (and that was after many trips into their room!) And then we heard them reading each other books at 5:40 this morning!! I feel some good naps will be in order for this afternoon!

kaylee and avery, super excited for the night!

The boys played dinosaurs and legos for about an hour. Then we made popcorn and played Candy Land before heading to bed.

Overall, our first "sleepover" was a success!!

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