Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summertime Fun

Its only the beginning of June and the temperature is already in the 90's! Yikes! Thankfully we have spent the last 2 weeks in the pool - swimming at Nina/Big Daddy's over Memorial Day weekend and then taking swim lessons last week and this week.

After naps today, the kids and I headed to the backyard to play until dinner was ready. I filled the baby pool and got out our sprinkler. The kids enjoyed being wet, unclothed, and muddy!

Graham loves that he can participate and loves to be right in the middle of the big kids

The older 2 made "mud cakes" for an hour. Avery kept saying, "this is the best day ever!"

you should have seen the residual dirt in the tub after showers tonight! (and that was after being hosed down outside first!)

I couldn't resist this!

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