Saturday, February 18, 2012

Soccer Season Kick-Off!

Avery and Griffin are both playing soccer again this spring. We are playing in an Upward league at a church right down the street. So far, I have really been impressed with Upward. I think its a great "intro" into sports, teaching the basic skills but emphasizing teamwork, sportsmanship, etc. They even do a little devotion at half time.

The kids had their first games today. They play every Saturday for 7 weeks - Griff at 9 and Avery at 10...the hard part today was that Brent was on call and at the I was trying to watch the games and cheer for the kids while chasing Graham around - and as my belly grows, it gets harder and harder to chase Graham when he bolts!

here is Avery's team - Ada Scott, Cameron, Avery, Gracie, Tiara - with Coach Stephen and Coach Terrance

Avery was a little more aggressive today than she was last season - still a little skittish to actually kick the ball - but kept up with everyone and got a few little kicks in. She even managed to kick the ball on its way into the goal!

there she is - # 21

And here is my handsome little player. I think he is the smallest guy on his team - he looked so little out there! Griffin played WAY better than last year. He never once sat down, stopped playing, cried, or anything! And he seemed to love it! He played well and got in several good strong kicks. He even got an award for best defensive player today!

trailing the pack (far left)

team huddle with Coach Wesley


  1. They look great out there! I know that last year's soccer has them ready for a new year! Good job Avery and Griffin!