Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Girls Weekend

I was able to escape reality last weekend and spend 48 hours without kids and with some dear friends! And it was wonderful! I met Keri and Kim (friends from Durham) in Charlotte for the weekend. We had no agenda and no responsibility!

We ate some great food at several local places....super food - that we didn't have to cook or clean up after!

And we spent some time at the nail salon...the place was called Polished and was unlike any nail place I've was inexpensive...and run by oriental ladies...but there were about 40 spa pedicure seats and as many manicure seats...and they offer free drinks - beer, wine, coke, etc!

We spent some time at the mall and shopping in some of the many boutique stores as well. Sunday morning we went to Barnes and Noble, got a cup of coffee and a stack of magazines, and just chilled! It felt so good to just to nothing!

Kim's big purchase of the weekend was a UNC Snuggie!

I am blessed to have such great girlfriends - so refreshing to have people to really talk to and share life with.

Kim @ 35 weeks preggo and me at 26 weeks

And special thanks to my wonderful husband for taking on all 3 kids for the weekend! He did great and the kids enjoyed the time with him....THANKS HONEY!


  1. So, how do you think Brent will do when you want to have a girls weekend when there are 4? :) Glad you had a fun time!