Thursday, February 2, 2012


Is it really going to be a high of 74 degrees today, just the 2nd of February?? I'm definitely not complaining! We have had some great weather over this last month - I don't have my usual "stir-crazy from inside activities" that I normally do this time of year.

The boys and I went and checked out a new playground today. It is great! Its huge with lots of things to entertain kids of all ages. Griffin loved climbing on all of the rope webs - I just try not to look - he loves to go as high as possible! (go figure!) Graham played in short bursts on the little kids playground but mostly I just followed him around the big kids side...this pregnant momma had her workout climbing up ladders and stairs and going through tunnel slides! The entire ground is made of recycled tires so its pretty soft and cushy.

wild man junior

and wild man senior

riding the ladybug

We decided to make an entire morning of it so we went to Chic-fil-a afterwards and had lunch...and then played on their playground until it was time to get Avery from school! Both of the boys have their momma's sweet tooth so here they are enjoying icecream after lunch!

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