Monday, November 5, 2012

Deer Festival

We headed to the cabin last weekend for Deer Festival 2012  in Monticello GA. Mom/Mike, Haley/Joel and their boys, and Peyton and his girls all joined us. The kids enjoyed playing together and our boys just LOVE being outside at the cabin. They do boy stuff all day - help the adults "work", use tools, play with sticks, collect rocks, etc. Its heaven for them.

 our littlest roll tide fan

 lunch at deer festival...BBQ, corn dog, chips, fries, lemonade...

 mommy and the littles

 big daddy with avery and her lady bug!

 bounce house baby!

 all 3 of our did this bungee jumping thing and loved it...

 graham got to jump by default....saeran was supposed to go but had a major meltdown so he took her turn and loved it!

 cousin love!!

smiley griff on his  pony

 and toothless avery on hers

the big kids had a tea party on afternoon

We enjoyed our first deer was good ole fashioned redneck fun!