Thursday, November 15, 2012

STCE Fun Run

 Avery's school does a fun run every year to raise money for various causes. This year, they were raising money for a previous student named Re'Ana who has bone cancer and has had one leg amputated. Re'Ana came and spoke with the kids earlier this month and was there today to hand out ribbons to the winners.

 It was a cold and wet morning but we made it! 

 The students can run in a 1 mile run or a 3 person relay. Avery did the relay race and was the final "leg" so she got to cross the finish line...

 she was smiling and waving in this shot!

 Staying warm with mommy!

 Avery, her friend Emily, and her teacher Mrs Sukowatey - watching the 1 mile race

 Avery's relay group got 2nd place for the first grade girls. She was super excited to get a ribbon!

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  1. Congratulations to Avery for a great run! Super proud of you!!