Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happy 6 months Carsyn!

Carsyn turned 6 months old almost 2 weeks ago. Hard to believe she's been here that long! I'm just now posting this because she didn't have her 6 month check up until Thursday of this week.  She weighed in at 15.9 lbs (40%), was 25.5 inches long (40%), and her head was in the 60%. She is bigger than Avery and Griffin were at this age but about the same as Graham (with the exception of his huge head!). 

I finally broke down and started baby food this past month. YUCK! We've done rice cereal - which she is still not fond of - and pears. And honestly, sometimes I go 2-3 days without remember to feed her food!! Gotta work on that! 

Our littlest princess can be super smiley and happy when she chooses...and she can scream like its no body's business when she wants to. I think she cries more than any of the others every, whether its because she can't have all of my attention as often or just because that's "her", I'm not sure!  As long as I'm in sight, she loves to smile and flirt with strangers. And they always comment on her beautiful smile and big blue eyes. 

These 3 big guys LOVE Carsyn...and don't leave her alone.She has no personal space whatsoever. But she loves her siblings and they are really great at making her stop crying and entertaining her. 

Carsyn's sleeping has been all over the place. Thankfully, by month 5 she settled down into a great nap schedule, sleeping 1 1/2 hours in the morning and over 2 hours in the afternoon. And sometimes she still needs a short cat nap in the 5:00 hour. At 4 months she was sleeping all night over 1/2 the time...but we had some major regression after she had her first cold.  And we still haven't made it back to sleeping all night. 

Carsyn spends lots of time in her car seat, thanks to her position as child # 4...but when we aren't running around, she loves to sit in her exersaucer. I have used this thing a ton with all 4 kids - we're definitely getting our money's worth! She is a roly poly on the ground. She's getting better at being able to roll towards the object she's wanting. And yesterday, she found her pacy in her crib and put it in by herself!  Can't wait until she does that consistently! 

Unless a miracle happens, Carsyn will be our last baby!!  So I am cherishing all the little things and "lasts" that each stage brings. Its given me a little more sentimental outlook on the ordinary baby "tasks."

Happy 6 months sweet girl!

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