Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Gammy's here!

 Gammy arrived on Sunday evening...and as always, she came bearing crafts and activities!  On Tuesday, Gammy and the big kids made a ginger bread house. I have been asked "When can I eat a piece of it?"  multiple times already!

 The kids are out of school ALL week... we've tried to do some special activities with them. Gammy and I took all 4 kids to play Putt-Putt and it went remarkably smoothly! Avery is really competitive and worked hard to make "holes in four" (or less), while Griffin was much more laid back but really good at putting. Graham was by far the most entertaining. He started in a full on squatting position...hit the ball...then jumped the entire way down the green to pick up the ball...then he would pick the ball up and run it to the hole!  Very proud of himself!

 getting his squat on

 tongue out and ready to go!

 Gammy was also treated to a tea party for lunch one day. Nothing like PBJ, cheetos, grapes and sugary apple juice!!

It would be a shame to have a picture with all kids looking one direction - so here's our alternative!

We went to Monkey Joe's today, a big mistake by this mommy. Griffin's asthma has been horrible lately because he's had a nasty cold. He's currently on steroids to get over it....All that to say, he didn't tolerate the running and jumping!  I ended up scrounging around for quarters so he could play video games and one of the workers found him some crayons to help occupy him. Poor boy!!

Looking forward to our feast tomorrow and then taking Gammy down to the cabin for the weekend!


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  1. Having a great time with my babies! It is hard to keep up with them though!!