Thursday, November 1, 2012

Griffin's School Party

 When school started this year, I realized that having 4 kids is going to stretch me thin when it comes to volunteering in their school classes. Its just not possible to be really involved in any of them.  I have cut myself some slack though and am OK with just doing what I can do. This year, I signed up for 2 parties for each of the big kids. And I'm reading to Avery's class about once a month and eating lunch with her in the cafeteria 1-2 times a month. I know it will get even harder to be involved once the little 2 are in real school!

So for Halloween, I helped out with Griffin's class party. The kids did a craft where they made a bat, tracing their hands to use as the wings.

 Then we had mummy juice boxes and mummy cupcakes for a snack.

 and played a "where is the candy corn" game...

 This is one of Griffin's good friends - Elaina. They are in the same gymnastics class for the second year  and in the same school class this year.

Here is his class - minus the 5 kids that were out that day!!

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