Sunday, May 12, 2013

"Baby" Dedication

After 1 1/2 years of looking for a church here in Augusta, we finally joined our church last month!  We are excited to get plugged in and make it our home!  And since we are finally church members, we decided it was time to have these 2 kiddos dedicated!  Avery and Griffin were both dedicated as babies at our church in Greenville but we missed the 2 dates that our church in Durham did baby Graham missed the boat!  So we dedicated both of our babies today!!

 Graham Charles, 3 years old

 Carsyn Ashley, 1 year old

 This is a typical Carsyn moves - she just twists and dives to get her way!

 we almost got a smile!

 family shot at the church

 during the dedication- both kids behaved!  Carsyn ended up playing with keys (it kept her quiet) and Graham kept his head on our shoulders....

 Graham pulled a switch-a-roo mid dedication...

 Pastor Brent and his wife Karla

 Graham perked up when he heard his name!

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