Thursday, May 16, 2013

Gymnastics Show

Last week thru next Tuesday is a very busy time for the Parnell family!  Every one has field trips, end of year parties, field day, splash day, preschool graduation, tee ball games, and a gymnastics show! Its fun to get to do special things with each of the kids and their classes but it makes for a lot of running around! 

Tuesday night was Avery and Griffin's last gymnastics class of the year so they had their little show.  The Parnells were there if full force! Brent kept Graham occupied by feeding him popcorn and I toted Carsyn around in the carrier so I could get pictures!

 Miss April and Griffin's class

 Avery got to carry their class sign and lead her class out. 

 Griff on bars

 Avery learning a back handspring

 Sister on Beam

 Griffin working on back bends

 Avery on bars

 Bunny hops over bean bags.

 They were given medals and were so proud of them! 

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