Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Preschool Graduation

Griffin's school year ended with a very informal preschool graduation.  All of the parents were invited to attend the kids "circle time." They each took a turn to lead an activity or answer questions. We saw them count in several different ways, heard them sing songs about the fruit of the Spirit, watched as they recited days of the week/months of the year, and heard them answer questions about the calendar...they ended by calling each student to the front to receive a diploma and take a picture with the teachers. 

Griffin's "job" during circle time was to count by 10's using bundles of popsicle sticks. 

Mrs Dekle and Mrs Sandi were wonderful this year!

Jackson was Griff's best bud at school this year. 

and Luke was another great friend!

mommy and her proud pre-k graduate!

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