Saturday, December 11, 2010

Breakfast with Santa

The UNC Housestaff sponsors a Breakfast with Santa every year as a fundraiser for Toys for Tots. This is the second year it was held at a restaurant called Spice Street in Chapel Hill. They have a buffet breakfast and an area with toys, crafts, and Santa. This is a big crowd and line-free way to visit with Santa! The older kids were excited and although Graham was a little startled by the loud HO HO HO's, he didn't cry!

loving the glitter glue and sparkling paper!

observing the fun

daddy helping the kids with their tattoos


  1. SO cute. Man does Avery look all grown up!

  2. yeah, wow, avery's hair is so long - what a pretty girl.

  3. avery is really into wearing her hair "plain - with nothing in it" (in her words.) and we've discovered that she looks so much older without bows or ponytails or braids. i'm not ready for her to look like a big girl!

  4. Brent, are you putting a tattoo on Griffin's head? Cute haircut!! Love all the pictures!