Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lights on the Neuse

We finally made it out to Lights on the Neuse ( last night - on our third attempt to go! Attempt #1 = RAIN. Attempt # 2 = strep throat. Attempt # 3 = successful, with only minimal drissal! (spell check says that is spelled wrong but offered no solutions...)

It was a little bit of a hike - about 45 minutes away - but the kids seemed to really enjoy it. We took a "hayride" (which was a tractor pulling a flatbed with long benches in it) all over the farm - which was decorated with lots of Christmas lights displays. There were scenes of animals, flowers, patriotic stuff, a nativity, and lots of other Christmas decor. Avery talked continuously, naming each item she saw and Griffin stared silently in awe, smiling the entire time. Graham stayed awake for the first half of the ride and really seemed to be paying attention and looking at all the colorful lights.
Santa was waiting for us once we finished the hayride. Kids were thrilled to offer a quick hug and pose for a picture!

They had a 3D barn that you walked through (with 3D glasses) - it was sort of like a maze where the walls were completely painted with holiday scenes. Avery really liked this part!
And our final stop was at the fire pit to make smores! I think the kids ate more raw marshmallows than smores and were absolutely wild all the way home!