Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pre-Christmas in Durham

We are headed out of town for Christmas so we had a little mini Christmas Eve tonight - McBrayer style. We enjoyed cheese fondue and sparkling white grape juice for dinner. And then opened presents from family.

The kids were so excited all day and couldn't wait for Brent to get home from work. For the past few weeks, Avery has had her eye on a large, square, flat present under the tree. Its been killing her not knowing what it could she picked that as her first gift to open. Griffin had an identical looking one so here they are, unwrapping the present that has occupied Avery's mind!

(if you are curious too, they were huge sticker books with 800+ themed stickers in each one)
love the sweet expression on her little face

graham love the paper and chewed on lots of ribbons!

I have no doubt that this will be Griffin's all-time favorite gift this year. When we were in the mountains in October, he played with one of these nonstop that belonged to a cousin. And then we searched for one for his birthday, only to find out that it is only sold at the Toy Story on Ice show....which happened to be in Durham last weekend and I happened to have a friend going! ( thanks for being my little elf rian!)
These pillow pets are another item that Avery and Griffin have been drooling over since last summer. We pass a kiosk at the mall that is full of them every time we go to the mall playground. We have stopped to hold and pet them multiple times! Both kids were very surprised to unwrap these. Needless to say, they are being slept on right now!

this gift was "To: Mr. Fox News From: Ms. Today Show"

Brent and I enjoyed watching the kids excitement and surprise with each gift they opened. They were great sports with taking turns and enjoying things as we went. And I was really impressed with their manners and thank-you's!

On a side note, Brent got my entire blog from 2009 published into a book for me for Christmas. What a special keepsake and great gift. Thanks honey!


  1. Good gift, Brent! Precious faces, especially Graham. He is such a cutie!!

  2. I just love that you found that buzzz thing.