Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy 8 Months Graham!

Somehow, another month has passed us by! We've arrived at month 8 all too quickly! Graham continues to be our smiliest baby yet, quick to offer a smile to just about anyone. He has developed a little stranger anxiety though - he put his hands over his face the last time he saw both Gammy and Big Daddy! He warmed up pretty quickly but was a little gun-shy at first. Overall, Graham remains pretty laid back and low key. He loves to be entertained by Avery and Griffin. Avery is sooo good with him - she tickles him and talks silly and loves to make him laugh. Both of the older kids are great helpers with baby brother.

Graham finally began sleeping fairly well by 6 months or so - sleeping from 7 until 5 or 5:30 AM. Like Griffin, his sleep is easily disturbed by teething and sickness. Speaking of, Graham currently has his 2nd ear infection in less than 2 months - not fun. And he is cutting his 3rd and 4th teeth this week. Kinda funny that they aren't his top middle 2 teeth, but the ones on the outside of those instead! He takes 2 good naps a day - 1.5-2.5 hours long, depending on the day's activity.

Graham's favorite past time is the johnny jumper. He goes to town in it! He has gotten much better at sitting by himself but I still prop pillows around him to prevent some head trauma when he throws himself backwards! Graham is working on crawling. He has started getting up on all fours but he keeps his head down and uses it as additional support! He can get to anything he wants by rolling and scooting.

Graham is an eating machine. He gets so excited (and impatient) when he knows food is coming. His arms start flapping and he makes a high pitched shreak. So far, he likes just about all the baby foods we've tried. And we just started with table foods - puffs, yogurt melts, and some banana bread/muffins.


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