Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Griffin's School Christmas Party

Lesilie, Griffin, Hannah, Emma, Camryn, Brendan, Charlotte

Today was the kids' last day of school before Christmas break so each of their classes had parties. Brent played hookie from work all morning so he got to participate in everything as well. Griffin's class invited all the parents to come at 9:15 for a brunch. Before eating, the kids sang 2 songs - Jingle Bells and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Griffin has never had the opportunity to "perform" so I wasn't sure what to expect...
But he sang his heart out! He was (by far) the loudest one - singing at the top of his lungs and really over enunciating each word. It was hysterical and priceless! He did a great job standing on his spot on the line and participating.
can't you just hear him now?

shakin' his stuff to Jingle Bells!
enjoying some goodies

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